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  • EH 700TI Surging-gctid380747

    Has anyone experienced engine surging with this engine? I am sending this out for potential advice. My Stb engine started surging when near 1200 rpm after a beautiful cruise to Block Island yesterday. Never happened before in 10,0000 + km of cruising over the past 9 years I immediately changed both fuel filters and changed fuel supply to cross feed but no fix. I also made sure KN intake was not the problem. If I set throttle to 1K the engine will ultimately stall after surging repetatively up and down for many cycles. Combustion looks complete with no smoke and no overheating is evident. Even under load, at low rpm it will stall. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I would try and rule out air being introduced to the fuel system upline of the injection pump.

    Crossing the fuel supplies cuased no change so you have it reduced to the distance from there already.

    A cracked hose or filter cap or bottom which is cracked or not fillting well can be a source.

    Often associated diesel stains from slight drips below can lead you to a spot but sometimes they just dont leak and only suck air.

    Hope this helps
    Northport NY


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      Thanks Smitty. I replaced the o-ring below the primary fuel canister as it did appear that it might be leaking under a vacuum. The surging continued after. Since we noticed that under higher 1500rpm/load, the issue went away, we then departed Block for Mystic. After the 20 km criuse at 2500 rpm in medium seas, once we powered down at the river entrance, the surging magically disappeared. I have to believe there was some blockage in a screen at the pump. Engine perfoming perfectly now.