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    New fresh water pump-gctid380589

    Looks like I may need to replace the fresh water pump in my '95 4788. The pump is mounted fairly close to the guest state room so am looking for a quiet pump which likely won't unduly disturb guests if I turn on a faucet in the head during the night. The system has an accumulator tank currently which I'd rather not mess with. Any comments on options and features would be appreciated. What factors might influence the loudness/vibration of the pump?

    Thx. Rich Kelly

    The new VSD pump that I put in is pretty quiet compared to those old single speed vibrating pumps that are either on or off waiting on pressure loss. The flow kinda surges a bit unless a faucet is open enough to keep it from speeding up and slowing down to keep the pressure. The manufacturer says it doesn't need an expansion tank but I am going to install one because the faucet furthest from the pump runs slow until the line pressure drops and the pump starts up. I am going to put the expansion tank near that faucet farthest from the pump.



      I have a 1995 4788 and the fresh water pump is located under the floor/steps by the hot water heater. It's not really close to the aft stateroom. Is yours in a different location?

      Whats the pump doing? Or not doing?

      Is your pump original? If so it's probably due for replacement. Mine went out last year while we were cruising in Canada. I pulled my aft wash down pump and used it until we got back.

      I've never had a problem with the noise because it doesn't come on if everyone asleep.

      The newer pumps are a lot quieter though.

      You'll find several strings here about pumps. As I recall there's mixed reviews on the variable pumps.

      The accumulator keeps a more constant pressure in the system so the pump doesn't cycle so often. It should have about 30 psi on it. I carry a bicycle tire pump and pressure gauge on board because sometimes the accumulators bleed down a bit. I've used it on both the fresh water and the steering accumulators. Spare valve cores and a removal tool are also good to have. These are small lightweight spares and tools that can save you a trip to port.