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size of 4550 pilothouse table and alternative mounting solutions?-gctid380230

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    size of 4550 pilothouse table and alternative mounting solutions?-gctid380230

    When we bought our 45 it did not have the table that goes with the pilothouse settee but the hole is still in the floor for the post. Any chance that someone near their boat could measure the dimensions of the pilothouse settee table? I want to build a nice one out of wood and may replicate it in same size as the stock table instead of doing a different size.

    For that matter...I am contemplating whether there would be a way to alternatively mount the table. I am thinking if I could figure out a rotating swing mount for it mounted at the foot of the short leg of the "L" on the settee (next to the port pilothouse door), then I could swing it over to the space between pilothouse helm chart area and the settee when guests are just hanging out, etc. and then swing it over in front of the settee when wanting to use the laptop, snacks, etc. Anyone ever done this?
    ~~1987 Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse & 17' Boston Whaler Dauntless~~

    I will measure the table in our boat tonight for you. It is polygram shaped and pretty useless for anything but snacks. The widest side is the only place that a lap top actually, sorta fits. I have also found the leg post to be less than stable.

    I have seen several modified tables that I did like. One was a rectangular table. Small maybe 18" by 12" but had two folding wings that would extend it approximately 9" more on each side for a total length of approximately 36" by 12". It was done in beautiful wood with inlays.

    But I got to admit, I really like your idea of being able to swing the table into that void between the settee and the pilothouse dash on the Port side. When the table is removed there is so much more room for relaxing up there. The table, at least ours is very confining to the space both in the operators area and between the table and the seat. But then I am not a small guy either. What would you use for the mechanism? You would want to be able to lock it in place so that it would be stable. The leg would have to be such that it would provide ample support for the table to handle the weight of a laptop and someones arms using it and stable enough for drinks not to spill. I will check Rockler's website to see if there is any hardware that might work.

    Please keep us posted on this project. You have some great ideas.
    Patrick and Patti
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      I second the comment that the PH table is fairly useless, however the boss likes to perch in the corner facing stbd the few times we're in the PH under weigh and the table is perfect for her snacks and amusements. I've contemplated a top which either stows in the locker beneath the seat and folds out larger for use, or one which stows on the face of the seat just to get it out of the way.


        Tony, did you ever get the table dimensions? If not, here they are.

        Mine is 40" long, 15 3/4" on one end and 7" at the other end. The other (long side) opposite the 40" side, has a curve to it.

        hope this makes sense!