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    Flow Rate eh700 ?-gctid379535


    I am thinking about installing a pre-filter-separator for my EH700 engines.

    Choosing between models of filters Racor : 500MA, 460R or 245R.

    What do you advise ?

    What is the required flow rate for engines EH700 175hp ?

    Thanks for help...
    1990, 3888 Motoryacht
    "Disco Volante"
    Marina Cervar - Croatia

    I replaced mine last year with the 500's. I think most of the guys with the 175's have either put on the 500 or 900's.
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      OK, then it's smart to have flow rate 60 gph ?
      1990, 3888 Motoryacht
      "Disco Volante"
      Marina Cervar - Croatia



        OK, then it's smart to have flow rate 60 gph ?"

        Your max fuel burn rate per engine is about 9.5 gph.

        Your max flow rate per engine is about 20 gph.

        Using the smaller diesel filters results in a much smaller filter surface area and a much higher frequency of replacement and problems.

        Additionally most of the smaller filter elements cost a good deal more then the racor 500 or 900's so cost down the llne iws greatly increased.

        As a result many folks go with the Racor 500 or 900 as stated as a good compromise upstream of the on engine filter.

        Perhaps compare filter element prices and filtering areas to get a feel for this situation.

        Persons who cruise extensively and/or expereince poor fuel often then put a 3rd filter in front of the Racors of a bulk spin on type to take out the heavy sludge.

        Perhaps a good time to consider vacuumn gages as well so you know when the filters need changing.

        Hope this helps
        Northport NY


          I use the Racor 900's with 2 micron filters. Also have the T-handle vacuum gauges. Don't have any problems with fuel flow rate.
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            I have the 500's also. I left the originals as backups with simple manifold system to allow quick change if in rough seas when needed.

            Good Luck
            1988 3870 Bayliner