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Sliding Door Rollers on 4788-gctid379191

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    Sliding Door Rollers on 4788-gctid379191

    Hi All

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me which roller kit would be used on the pilothouse sliding doors on the 4788 ?

    I can order from this range if any look right.

    Problem is I have to remove door in order to ispect myself and I would rather have the required roller assy up front to save removing door twice

    Any clues woulb good.

    Horizon 68

    I doubt its any of those rollers since those are built for aluminim framed doors not wood.

    While I not 100% there is a good chance that Bayliner uses the Knapt and Vogt 413 BR roller with a 455 Stainless track

    I have sold this track and roller to many boat builders or boat owners over the years including Brunswick but I never asked them what they were installing in. The track is a upside down t shaped track and would be seen without removing the door the size of the track is 5/16" high, 21/32" wide, 144" length with 1/2" nails included. Of course the length can be cut. While other rollers will work with this track the only one that should be usd for boats is the 413 BR because its made of solid brass.

    You can pull up photo's of both the track and rollers (sheaves) on line to see if it matches your need. I do not work for KV but sold their product lines for years at my whole sale store


      These will work if you match it identically. CR Laurence copies nearly all of the doors slider rollers ever made. You just have to match it. There are subtle differences as well, but taking it out of your door would be the way I would do it.


        When I did this on my 38 a few months ago I removed the Door and then removed the aluminum roller assembly from the bottom of the door. Then set the door back in place and took the assembly home to match up the appropriate roller from home depot. Unfortunately I couldn't find an exact replacement but buying a new assembly and drilling out the axel and a little work later the new roller fit inside of the old assembly. Wasn't too difficult, but it took some doing.

        I would like to try plastic wheels, not sure if anyone has. The metal on metal sound is still noisy, though I am quite happy with a functioning door.


          Andrew, I had the same problem with mine. This thread helped alot.

          also, here was the responses I got to my thread.

          I could not get them in Aus, so had a friend purchase over there and posted to me. They were only about 10 buck each I think. Then you drill out the axcel, and end up only installing the inner unit. Easy job once I worked it all out. I went for the steel runner, and now wished I went the plastic, being quieter. Install with lots of grease to last.