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Maiden Voyage since Dry Dock-gctid378518

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    Maiden Voyage since Dry Dock-gctid378518

    OMG, we took out our baby yesterday after my hellish work week. Prior to the dry dock we barely kicked it at 11 knots... we went down the channel and opened her up and wanted to see how she did after power washing, , new trim tabs, and fixing things and bottom paint.. SHE HIT 18 knots.. woohooo we had a flock of sea ducks trying to get out of our way, those lil suckers were flapping as hard as they could to get out of our path.. lol.. ALSO the Capt :arrfound a killer deal on a stainless BBQ grill. Our Magma grill was from the P.O and had issues and didnt cook well.. so he found this stainless steel one on sale at Fred Meyers here.. its the twin for the magma at the marine store, only 300.00 LESS..

    he also MADE the fish cleaning table its sitting on. it fits across the back cockpit rail and over to the swimstep rail. He made it so it wont slide around its got little brackets for the rails to fit in.:worth:worth


    You guys must have been smilin' ear to ear! Your work has paid off.......nice!

    Congrats, and I like your grille too,,,,,very nice and I guess the price was superb!

    Have a great season, Rinny



      Sara, the Capt found it UNDER 100.00 on Sale, AND another 10% off store coupon.. sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.. the marine supply place for the SAME thing, minus the scotty pole holder bar was 300 MORE... Slap a "marine sticker" on it and jack the prices and they think ppl buy it.. sorry.. momma didnt raise a fool.. its the same bloody and holey smokes.. he turned it on and it shot up over 700 degrees fast.. he had the stuff done before I could prep the salon table and food.. lol


        I have the same grill, have used it for 4-5 years, it is great.
        Pat says: DO-IT-RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

        Bayliner 3870 "ALASKA33)
        Twin 350 GM power
        Located in Seward, AK
        Retired marine surveyor



          two of my kids after 4hrs fishing off couverdon point ! Thats why we needed a bigger boat. Leaving for Alaska next weekend in our 3988 Marilla will look for you in the bays ...


            awesome catch.. fishing is in my blood and has been since I could walk and hold a cane pole back in Connecticut. What Harbor are you planning to dock at.? That one kinda looks like ours. Bring your rain gear, been rainy lately. I will keep an eye out for