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Anyone have one of these set up for taking boat out for cleaning-gctid378306

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    Anyone have one of these set up for taking boat out for cleaning-gctid378306

    I,m looking to get something for taking my bayliner 3218 out of the water . Has anyone ever seen these built ? If so whats you thoughts.

    Attached files [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/681764=27301-boat lift . 139a.jpg[/img]

    I have never seen one for that size of boat but it looks like a great idea


      very common in Florida in the canals and on the Intracoastal where there is wake
      1989 3288MY 305's US Marine
      Fort Lauderdale Florida


        Anything is possible - if you have the money. You see that sort of a lift in Florida and in South all the time. But they have a much lessor tide lift that you do. In some cases, you see them as floating units as well - there are a few at some of our local marinas.

        My YC still uses a tide grid, which gets the boat out of the water for a day, only between tides. Wouldn't surprise me if a few of those are still around in NFLD.


          Boat lifts are very popular here on the Chesapeake. I've seen much larger boats than a 32 on them.

          They are great for keeping the boat high and dry when not in use. They also help eliminate the worry of the boat sinking when no one is around. Lots of people who have them don't feel the need to paint the bottom any more since they are out of the water most of the time. Boats that are kept on them generally stay in much better condition.

          A 15,000lb lift should do it.


            I thought it was just something, you floated in on a high tide, then when the tide fell it sat like this ? Anyone know where a guy could buy one, and how much ? Or even whats needed to build one ?


              They are not cheap.

              When my buddy had his new dock built last year, he got a quote of $8000.00 for a 15,000 lb lift.

              Even though he didn't buy it , the contractor convinced him to at least have the extra pilings installed while the construction barge was on site.

              The contractor said that he would have a hard time finding a construction company that would be willing bring all the equipment needed just to install two pilings.

              Even though they are expensive, you could eventually save back the cost of the lift.

              Having a lift will eliminate the need to:

              Paint the bottom.

              Pay for short haul outs or divers to clean the bottom in mid season.

              Pay for winter haul out and land storage.

              Zinc's will last longer or not be needed.

              Save on over all wear and tear to the boat, dock and docking equipment. (lines, fenders)

              If I had waterfront property, a dock and a boat, I would get a lift.


                I like these platform lifts. Easy to walk around the boat to work on it.

                [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/682039=27344-20k Platform Lift.jpg[/img]


                  FL Dave wrote:
                  I like these platform lifts. Easy to walk around the boat to work on it.

                  Yeah, I like that platform also.I also like that boat.........Jan and I have decided that when and if we ever get a new (to us) boat, that we would like that style.We saw an Eastport 32' at the Annapolis boat show last fall that was exactly what we wanted. Twin diesels, Large open cockpit. Hard top that extended about a third of the way over the cockpit, transom that hinged down to make a swim platform and lots of very comfortable seating.The only thing we didn't like was the price.......$350.000.00+ made to order. OH well, one can always dream.


                    We use a tide grid as well at our Yacht Club and it works great for jobs that can be accomplished in a portion of a day. I'd suggest an internet search to see if some are available in you area


                      here were i live all the fishing boats, just ride them into the beach at high tide, when the tide drops, they clean and paint one side, then do the same the next great for a fishing boat . i,d be afraid to do that with my bayliner 3218 motoryacht, because of the arangement of the props, and plus theres no keel as such, so it would only lie flat..