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Updating Autopilot on 1989 4588-gctid378148

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  • Updating Autopilot on 1989 4588-gctid378148

    I am going to update the autopilot on our 1989 4588. Removing the Compu-course and replacing it with a Garmin GHP 10. I already have Garmin chart plotters, radar, etc. so this seems to be a logical addition. What I would like to know from the group is what locations (others that might have made this change) the Garmin components have been mounted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Nick Patterson

    Turlock, CA
    Nick Patterson
    1989 Bayliner 4588 Stockton, CA

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    Good choice on the Garmin. I will do many things others wont.


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      I just installed mine. It's AMAZING!

      Anyhow... CCU needs to be in the forward half of the boat and above the waterline. I mounted mine under the stairs heading into the master stateroom. The ECU has to be close to the pump. I mounted mine upstairs (because the old autopilot was plumbed there) and it works just fine. I installed the shadow drive on the lower helm.

      The features are amazing and it's a really cool autopilot. No need to disengage, just turn the wheel if needed.
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        If you are selling your old autopilot email me at [email protected]


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          Completed the installation. Installed the CCU (this is in a 1989 4588) in the small compartment above the bunks in the 'office' area, nearest to the center line. The ECU and pump were installed forward of the starboard engine where the old Compu-course unit was. I connected to the original T's. I placed the control head where the old Compu-course control was. Used the NEMA 2000 connection (I tried the 0183 first and you can't do updates to the software that way. Just do the NEMA 2000 and you won't be sorry.) The old unit went to a friend on my dock.

          This works like a dream! I have it connected to a Garmin 4212 Chart Plotter. Tell it where you want to go, hit guide me, then let the Autopilot have the helm. It even works in the narrow deep water channel into Stockton, CA. Of course you need to keep a sailor's eye on things like other boaters, junk in the water, etc. I also purchased the wireless remote and it works as advertised. I have to admit to making my share of calls to Garmin tech support. They were great! Always very polite, patient and had the answers to my questions. Great job Garmin.

          Best to all,

          Nick Patterson
          1989 Bayliner 4588 Stockton, CA


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            I have the same set up ie. 4212, andGarmine autopilot and remote. They have had to send me a new gh10 display as mine lost it and went to blank screen. Also had too many "no signal" messages from the little remote. I have had to go through a bunch of crap to get the remote going again. Remove inputs.....turn off power to 4212. When working it is a joy. As reported above, the tech people are very very good to deal with. When things are taking time to boot up, or I had to crawl back to the CPU they went out of their way to say " take your time..... No hurry etc. One shared a pretty good joke when we had to wait 3 minutes for something.

            One thing I have run into a couple of times is forgetting the auto pilot is on, when for some reason we come to a stop. When the boat goes of course,........... the pump dead heads trying to get that "pesky boat" back on course. Quite a racket from the pump. Did not hurt anything, but did sound unhealthy.