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  • Sealing pitted diesel tanks-gctid378006

    por15 and sealant for pitted diesel tanks ... does it work to prevent perforation later ? After placing inspection ports and scrubbing my 3988's tanks we noted some non perforating pits in the base. no leaks. What is the prognosis if we clean and seal what can we expect ?

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    I used it in a Jeep 9 years ago that had a badly rusted gasoline tank. As far as I know there have been no problems with it. My son sold it to has father -in-law so I think I would have heard!
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      have found a fellow {tank guru) in bellingham who has done 7 such tanks and says you need big 9 x 11 ports to properly scarify for prep and 2 wks of heat to cure . off season project ! He says this problem is becoming epidemic and a tough on to pick up on a survey.


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        I used the Por 15 kit on a very small scale when I repaired a rust and pitted gas tank on my wife's Goldwing motorcycle. Follow the directions carefully and be sure the tank is DRY before applying the sealer. Looks like a new tank on the inside.
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