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    Hot Water Tank Revival-gctid377232

    Hello to all again from North Vancouver BC; Need some help with getting our hot water tank back to life. Our 3270 was run up from her past home in Anacortes, WA. in December 2011 and we left the water system in "winterized" mode. Past owners bypassed the hot water tank when winterizing the water system/lines by disconnecting the the hot water tank lines and connecting the cold input line of the tank to the hot output line of the tank (the bypass) to complete the circuit.

    Filling the water tank today and running the pump, all is well ..... good pressure from both hot and cold sides at all faucets. When I re-connect the cold line to the tank and the hot supply from the tank back into the circuit, the pump runs, but I can't get any pressue to build in the system. Connect it back the old way, all is well, with good pressure again.

    Looking for some seasoned advise on how to get the system back on line. Do I need to prime the water tank in some manner? Water tank looks "new" and no signs of corrosion or neglect. All electrical witing is sound and engine heater hoses are connected and are not leaking.

    Thanks in advance for your support.

    Is the pressure relief valve closed on the water heater tank?


      Something is amiss. The water pump draws directly from the potable water tank and therefor the heater bypass or not will not cause the pump to draw air or run dry as you say. Is the potable water tank full? If a valve or something at the tank was open or broken it would simply leak from the fault when running the pump. Are you sure you are not just impatient as once you reconnect the tank back from bypass mode you do need to wait for the tank to fill which will cause all kinds of spattering and air through the faucets until full. Is this what you are referring to as the pump running dry? The more I think about this the more I believe you simply have an empty potable water tank.
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        Some (most) have a check valve on the inlet side. If you reversed the lines water will not flow.

        Make sure your pressure water is going into the inlet, not the outlet

        Additionally, if you have the lines on correctly the pump will take a while to fill the water heater.

        During this time you need to have a hot tap open to let th air escape until the tank is full.

        No significant pressure will build nor will the pump shut off until the tank is full.
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          Thanks everyone .... I will look at the suggestions and report back what I find.