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38 Bayliner Hatch Vintage Mushroom Caps (JV your source for vintage parts:)-gctid344390

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    38 Bayliner Hatch Vintage Mushroom Caps (JV your source for vintage parts:)-gctid344390

    After several attemps with Pompanette trying to find replacements for my cracked mushroom caps on my hatches, they told me that they did not make them anymore and that I would have to buy the complete handles assemblies. I look at new hatches and was shocked by how much they cost.

    My friend is a retired tool and die maker and I gave him one of my old caps and asked him if he thought he could make them. He said he thought so if he could source the correct material.

    I found the material and he spun some out on his lathe. I received mine yesterday and they are awesome!!

    The material we used is Acetal/Delrin. Very high quality stuff. I had to buy a fairly long piece of 1 1/2" diameter rod so we have quite a bit left. I get a pretty good discount on this type of material as we use it at work for parts in the large medical washers we build.

    If anyone on the site would like some of these, he said he will make more. They take him about an hour each to make. They are tapped to 3/8"-16. Have the O ring groove and come with a new O ring.

    He said he will sell them for $25.00 each plus shipping, so a set for the 3 hatches on a 38 would be $150.00 plus the cost to drop them in the mail.

    I installed them on one of my hatches this weekend and they work great. The hatch now pull down nice and tight.

    We are also going to make the spacer washer that goes under the mushroom cap. That's the piece that the lifting rod attaches to. Mine are all cracked and taped together. As soon as we see how long they will take to make, I can get a price on those too.

    If anyone is interested, he just sitting at his lathe waiting for orders

    Attached files [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/647001=23831-Mushroom Caps.jpg[/img]