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1990 220 hp hino antifreeze removal-gctid376726

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    1990 220 hp hino antifreeze removal-gctid376726

    Hi is there a drain plug anywhere on a 1990 220 hp hino to get all the antifreeze out of the block.Thanks

    In order to drian all of the antifreeze out of the Hino EH700 you need to drain from two seperate spots. One is forward on the block right near the front motor mount on the stb side and the other is on the manicooler stb side rear on the bottom.

    Each is a small "Y" handle affair that has a spigot of about 3/8" all of which are notorious to fill up with crud. You may need to send a small wire up there to get the coolant flowing but you will get coolant from both drian valves.

    Both for the envireonment as well as measuring reasons it is a good practice to bring suitable hose lenghts which allow you to collect all of the coolant and therefore you will know if you have it all.

    Any additional hot water heaters or cabin heaters will add some capacity and/or complications to a full change.

    Hope this helps
    Northport NY