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  • Coolant lines to water heater-gctid376448

    I am finishing the install of my Webasto heater and will be plumbing the water heater to the boiler. This means that the two lines coming from the port engine will no longer be needed (unless I install a heat exchanger into the heater).

    What is the best way to handle this? Should I disconnect these two lines at the engine and add a small loop to the system or get brass plugs to close them off? I guess another way would be to put a 180 degree fitting at the end of the lines that will be behind the water heater for future use?
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    I have always just made a small loop when not using those water ports. Now if you ever thought that for sure you would never use it i might plug them. Only because it reduces the chance of a leak happening in that loop hose although with normal maintenance I doubt that would ever happen.

    In short it probably doesnt really matter.
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      Are you sure you want to remove your engine from being plumbed to the water heater?

      Doesn't that mean that even on the hottest of days, you'll need to run your Webasto just for hot water?

      I would try hard to see if there's a way to plumb both the engine and the Webasto to the water heater.

      That really gives you the best of both worlds.

      If you do cap the lines from the engine, I'd do it at the water heater and leave the lines fully installed.

      This will give you options in the future if you (or the next owner) decides to do something different.
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