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  • New questions-fuel injection throttle stopper-gctid375065

    I have been told to make sure the throttle activates the lever all the way to the throttle stop. However, mine is adjustable and so it begs the question: what is the adjustment procedure? I believe this boat was a charter boat at one time many years ago. Is it possible the owner lowered the stopper down to keep clients from running at faster speeds?


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    You need to achieve recommended wot for your engine.
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      Yes, I am aware of that and that is the underlying cause of my question. If anyone has the answer to my question I'd appreciate it. Is suppose I could back off the throttle stop and use my photo tach to manually adjust the lever and see if it changes the wot rpm's.



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        'I have been told to make sure the throttle activates the lever all the way to the throttle stop'

        There are many 'screws and nuts' on the govenor but the adjustment I think you are referring to is the no-load high idle speed.

        That controls the maximum rpm's that the engine reaches in nuetral at full throttle.

        With a warmed up engine slowly advance the throttle to full stop and chack for 3,200-3,300 rpm's.

        If the speed is outside of that range then carefully and slowly adjust the jam nut and stop to achieve that range.

        Based upon your other post and the rpm's and data already reported this is not the first place I would look for the max rpm in gear issue.

        At most this would likely 'cost' you about 50-100 rpm's on the top and the engines are stuck about 400 low.

        Are the other safety wired and crimp cap adjustnets on the givenor still in tack or have they been 'adjusted' as well?

        Given that you can see 3,000+ rpms at no load and if someone wanted to lower the loaded rpm's on the engines appreciably (and they did not want to reprop the boat) they would likely lower the fuel load on the govenor.

        There are some other good places to look as well mentioned in the other post.

        Hope this helps
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