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  • My third year and I still have questions-gctid375051

    Just launched our 1988 3218 for our third season in Lake Michigan and its startup brought me back to a question I've been meaning to ask.

    What steps should be taken when turning over cold 305's? What i have read in the owners manual is i should fully open the throttle to close the choke then pull the throttle back to approx 1/4 before turning over the engine. Should I wait for the oil pressure alarm to turn off before turning over the engines? Are there other steps I should be taking to ensure the engine is prepped to turnover?

    Wait I find is I have to crank a few times before the engines begin to turn over. Once they're warmed up they turn over on the dime.

    It's been three years with this boat and I'm still learning. It's great to have this forum for guidance and advice - I live by the rule that there are no stupid questions!

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    Oil pressure alarm won't quit until you have pressure and since the pump is driven by the engine, you have to start it to get pressure. The main thing is to not dump a bunch of gas into the cyclinders until you have oil pressure and lubrication so you don't wipe your rings.


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      Carbureted engine? The gas in the float bowl evaporates when the engine has been idle for a period of time. It takes a while for the fuel pump to fill it back up when the engine cranks. I don't think the oil pressure alarm will turn off until the engine developes some oil pressure. That should occur right after starting.


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        This is how i run a carbed motor. Cold i pump the throttle 2-3 times leave the throttle down 1/3 of the way and crank it. It starts i leave the throttle alone should run at about 1000-1500 rpm. Choke opens you hear the motor change, put the throttle in neutral for another minute or 2.

        Then i slowly give throttle till i'm at say 3000-3500 rpm i run 2/3 wot.

        I want to stop i slowly back off the throttle till i come to a stop put throttle in neutral and aloow the motor to run at least 4-5 minutes at idle.

        Shut off motor. Say i want to start after 30 minutes i try it in neutral no pumping nothing, crank it should start.

        No start then a pump or 2 and back into neutral and crank no start then it's 1/3 down the throttle as a cold start.

        Why i just write all this cause the idle at warm up and idle before shut down

        copied and pasted here from another site i used to post to.... i am the author.
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          What Chief says. Carb engines are not like fuel injections.

          A couple of pumps with a cold engine squirts a little gas right in the throat of the carb. You can see this if you remove the top of the carb and have someone pump the throttle.

          What I do the first time after a winter layup is put some gas in a plastic catsup squirt bottle. Take the top off the carb and squirt a couple squirts of gas directly in the carb. This will get it to fire right up and not have to use the starter to fill the carb with the gas that has evaporated out over the winter. When you pump it after a winter layup there is no gas in the carb to squirt. Usually.

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