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Vent Line Diagnostics on 3888-gctid374112

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    Vent Line Diagnostics on 3888-gctid374112

    Our local boat sanitation expert strongly recommended that I troubleshoot and, possibly, replace the vent line off the holding tank on my 1990 3888. I would guess that it's the original line. Should I just go ahead and replace it? Or, should I try to determine if there are leaks, clogs, etc. Is there usually a screen on the vent line hull-thru?

    Any recommendations will be very much appreciated. Especially tips on how to efficiently replace the line if need be (looks like a job for a gymnast).

    Valerie Smith

    Mayne Loon

    Alameda, CA

    Best to just replace it.


      Remove pump out cap. Insert either vacuum blower or inflatable pump. Flow air and see if vent is working. It may smell bad but does it flow air. If so consider changing chemicals to ones that actually work, i.e. Have skull and crossed bones on label.
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        The hose itself will smell and nothing but replacing it will solve that. It isn't much of a chore to replace it.

        If its just clogged blowing it out should take care of it.

        Be sure there are no low spots in it. A hard turn will put the hull deep enough in the water to force water in. If that happens the vent won't work because of the water in it.

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          If the line looks intact it is worth it to try a blow out - a two minute job - they fill up with spider webs because the critters like to crawl upwards. BTW same problem with horns.


            Use a water hose on the vent on the out side, then blow ait into it, usually works when you over fill the tank and it flows into the vent line, the water will help disloge the "stuff".
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              The vent line is the easiest of the sanitation lines to replace. Mine had build up at the tank from too full tanks which was limiting the air.

              I have replaced all lines in the boat. Under the galley is a corner board that is easily removed to make the turn up under the lower helm for replacement.
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