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    Bad News! She must have been grounded at some point by the previous owner. The is a very slight bend in both struts that prevents the propellers from coming off without dropping the rudders. I also noticed that the port wheel has a 2 3/8" nut and the starboard is 2 1/4". Since she handles beautifully and has no vibration issues I will put the strut wheel project on hold till next winter lay up. Thank you for the great advice Smitty and Pat as the wheels popped without a hitch. Once I had a little tension on the puller I hit the hub with a little heat for only a couple minutes and they popped easily.

    I would like to ask Smitty what type of paint do you use on your running gear (black). It looks like we both use prop speed on the shaft and wheels.


      Hey Guys' just wanted to update. As I only pull the boat every other year for hull and running gear issues and maintenance I haven't done anything but keep the gear clean while in the water. I was looking at the posts from Smitty and after disconnecting the rudder linkage I decided to see if the wheels would come off with the rudders in place. Low and behold they did. I have to admit it was a bit of a rubin's cube, but they did come off. My concern has always been that there seems to be a difference in the offset on each wheel and think that the boat may have been grounded by a previous owner. Even though it hasn't caused any running issues I am considering pulling the struts and having them checked. It would probably be a good idea anyway to replace the bolts and reseal the struts. Now I'm off to Atlantis Propeller in the a.m. to have the wheels scanned and checked to see if they are able to be reconditioned as they seem pretty thin to me.