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    I would like to add Bomar type hatches to the pilothouse roof to improve underway air flow. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.



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    I did this project on my boat last winter. Please see:

    Increases ventilation nicely.


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      You will have to box it in as there is space between the ceiling of the pilothouse room and the "roof," at least there is on my 4550. Is opening the pilothouse doors not enough for ventilation?
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        I don't like running with the pilothouse doors open--too much temptation for my 2 year old Labrador!! We also take on spray through the open doors. I think that I can fit an 18'' square hatch centered above the helm chair with the hinge forward--would allow ventilation and minimize spray. I had screens made for the side windows but the sliding window overlap lets in minimal air. I do leave the door to the flybridge open.



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          I know when I open the pilothouse doors or the side windows in the pilothouse, I get a little draft but not much.

          But when I also open the door up to the bridge, I get significant airflow. Sames goes for when the salon sliding door is opened.

          Basically, without give the air an "exit", your essentially "pressurizing" the boat (albeit small) with having only an air "inlet".

          If it were me, before I started cutting holes, I'd try a few different things to try and create airflow.

          The pilothouse windows have screens, so the dog shouldn't be an issue. But the spray may be...

          Maybe try opening the door up to the bridge and the salon door to create airflow.

          What about putting a fan in the door to the bridge? If that doesn't help, you're only replacing the door (much cheaper than fixing holes in the pilot house ceiling).

          I'd also be concerned that with a hatch in the ceiling with the hinge forward, as you're cruising you won't get a lot of forced airflow into the pilothouse.

          Actually, it might do the opposite by giving the outside air an opportunity at sucking air out of the pilothouse.
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            We have screens made out of a nylon mesh that attach with snaps on both the pilothouse doors and salon door. they have zipper openings to allow access. They are primarily designed to allow ventilation while keeping bugs out, but they would also work to give you ventilation while keeping your Labrador in.
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