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Installing a watermakers in a 4087.-gctid373978

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  • Installing a watermakers in a 4087.-gctid373978

    I'm going to put a watermakers in. Makes a bunch of sense. The boat is your standard 3 bed 2 bath, but only packs 90 gallons or so of water.

    I'm interested if any other 4087 / 3587 owners have put one in, and what sort of installation.

    Heres what I'm thinking. 800 GDP unit. I run my genny 2 hours per day, this unit will easily replenish, and then some, our daily usage in a couple of hours. Will install under the bed in the aft cabin, next to the water tank. I've got easy access there as well for seacock install as well.


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    I think its a great idea- looking forward to more updates.


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      I just installed one in my 32XX Access to the water maker is very important. I installed a Spectra It made the most sense to me for the type of boating we do


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        Update - I installed a US Watermakers Clearwater Series - 800 gpd model. For the extra few dollars, the larger unit made more sense.

        I put it under the bed in the aft cabin, seacock in the engine room outboard from the stb engine pick up. First and second stage filtration mounted in the engine room as well for easy servicing.

        110 volt install, on the non inverted leg. I'm expecting about a 15 amp continuous draw making about 35 gallons / hour in our waters, which means in the time I charge up my batteries, I also fill my water tank with fresh water. In the Summer a little less as water warms up.

        The pressure vessels are installed on a bulkhead under the after cabin bed. The system is pretty self maintaining as long as it gets to go through the full shutdown cycle, as it "self pickles (flushes) everytime you shut it down. Also installed a remote panel for monitoring and start up and shut down.


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          I'm tyin' up beside you this summer
          1998 Bayliner 4788
          1989 Bayliner 3270 - SOLD-


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            just wondering if you could have tied in to the thru hull for the aft head. I hate cutting holes in my boat...