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How do you attack boat smells?-gctid373962

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    How do you attack boat smells?-gctid373962

    Anyone have an opinion about Air Purifiers for boats? Ozone generators or ionizers?

    Do any of them work? Do they degrade rubber or vinyl?

    Filter or no filter?


    Doug Dahlen


    1998 3870

    First place to look - the sewage system. Over time, the lines can become permeated and stink up the whole boat. Replacing old line is a crappy (pun intended) job, but the end result is worth it. If the tank has developed a leak, replace it.

    Next, search for mold and mildew- there's probably a bit around the boat. Getr rid of it, then make sure there is an adequate supply of circulated air throughout the boat.

    Clean the carpets, bleach the heads.

    Check the bilges and clean/sanitize as necessary.

    Also, the more the boat is used, the less smell there is.


      After you do what Pete suggested, you can keep the boats smelling fresh with one or more of those Canberra (spelling?) wax/jell room fresheners. The one's in the plastic tub with a slotted lid. They seem to work well at absorbing odors in a closed space like the boat cabin.


        We solved our problem with a Bilge Buster ozone generator. Mounted ours in the access space under the galley and it's keeping the boat very clean smelling without all the smelly cover-ups.


          Make your smelly brother-in-law use deodorant and change his socks...:kidding

          +1 to what Pete wrote about the sewage hose. My boat had an odor, but not really a sewage odor. I replaced the waste hose, odor gone. The odor was still around the hose though, put it in a plastic bag until trash day...
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            I second the Canbrera, you can find it through Fisheries supply. The claim is the product absorbs the foul odors rather than masking them. Works well and is eviro friendly.