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    3258 steering questions-gctid373715

    Hello everyone , having a few issues with the steering on the boat.

    Well ..the steering is working fine , or was just had questions about the pressure relief resevour .

    I bought the boat last year and noticed the pressure was always at 0.Steering seem to work fine but i guess its suppost to be around 30

    I pumped it up and found a cracked relief line. I repaired this and pumped it up again , now the air is leaking out around the air bleeder screw on the resevour, not the ones you crack to bleed , the part behind that were it threads into the resevour.

    I am not sure how important it is to keep pressure in this ? Boat seemed to be ok all last year .

    Does the entire bleeding system screw out from the resevour ?

    Also the filler cap, were you put the pressure in is seized , is it a good idea to heat this so i can get it loose to put more oil in.

    Thanks alot for your help, this site is great..

    Hello and welcome. Sounds like you have a couple issues. I think I'd be inclined to remove the reservevalve from the boat to work on it. I'd advise against heating the fill/pressure nut because you might warp something, smoke the little rubber gasket etc. If it is frozen on, patiently try some penetrating oil, but the proper application of a beefy enough wrench should get it off. The threads are very coarse and appear to be tough. I wonder if it just got overtight from the PO.

    The relief valve on the bottom can be removed and inspected. Not sure what model you have, does it look like this ?


      yep thats the one ... how important is it to keep air in there , like i said i have a few issues

      1. filler nut

      2. its leaking around around the bleeder screw ... not the part of the bleeder screw you loosing to do bleeding on the system but the part the actually screws into the resevoir . When i put air in the resevoir i can here it leaking out around there and when i spray it with spray nine i instanly bubbles on me...

      thanks alot for you help


        Hum. Mine was aged like yours, so I bought a complete spare on Ebay for like $100 just to have it. You see them floating around but people want a pretty penny. The reason it still works with no air pressure is it is sturdy foolproof hydraulics, but it's going to stop working eventually once enough fluid leaks out.

        So again, I would remove the reservevalve from the boat and get it on a bench. Mark the lines and be aware the fittings are 4 part and have tiny washers in there. You might need some fittings by the time this is over. The reason I say take it out is you have to get that filler cap off, and the bleeder assembly/relief valve needs to be taken apart. They say the relief valve is "not serviceable" but that means the pressure relief function. It might be a gasket or maybe it's just loose. You can probably salvage the entire unit if you are lucky, or just get out the piggy bank and find another used one. Never hurts to have a spare.

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          What year is your boat?