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  • 32xx oil filter drain plug-gctid373087

    I'm about to attempt my first oil change on my 1987 3270 (135 Hinos) and have been confused by some of the info in the pinned 32xx dastabase. Specifically my question is about the location of the large bolt that needs to be loosened to allow the oil to drain into the oil pan. The photo that's causing my confusion shows a hand pointing a pen at a large bolt at the bottom right corner of the oil filter housing, but the comments state that the drain bolt is barely visible at the left of the picture. I can see the bolt that's being referred to, but in another post that same picture is used again to show the location of the bolt. Is the bolt being pointed to the drain bolt, or not? Pardon my ignorance here, but I REALLY don't want to be cleaning up a major oil spill today.One more question: how much oil will I need to change both engines and filters?

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    Since I posted that photo several years ago, I have also found that there is a big nut (27 or 30 MM) below the filter, on the very bottom that will also drain the oil. Even when fully drained, there is someoil that remains in the rim of the filter base so have some absorbants ready. I put 2 gallons of oil in each egine.

    1988 3270 With 135 Hinos