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Shattered Middle Salon window on my 3288-gctid372970

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    Shattered Middle Salon window on my 3288-gctid372970

    I just discovered that the middle port window is shattered. No evidence of vanalism or theft on the dock. I think it was a "b*******r" as we call them, fishing and dinged my window with his sinker and shattered it. All the shards were on the inside. Of course there was no note or anything. Does anyone have a recommendation on getting a replacement window? If not I will have to try locally, but would need the measurements. If anyone knows of a source for that I would greatly appreciate it. Obviously I can get the approx measurments from the starbord window but would rather not have to try and take that apart to get the measurements. Thank you in advance.

    Maybe here.

    I would try an email or PM. He hasn't answered posts lately.

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      I would think that any GOOD glass shop could replace it...and properly seal it..and most likely for less than a 'factory' replacement.

      Just a nickles worth


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        Thank you for the reponses. Went to a local glass shop. I was able to take out the starboard side window to be used as a template. Because it is tempered tinited glass, with a hole in it for the knob and not a square cost was $150 if any one is interested. Thanks again for the suggestions


          It happened to me a few years ago. It comes from some screws holding the trim that protrude and push on the tempered glass panel. When heated by the sun rays the uneven pressure induced by the tip of these screws make the window blow.

          When installing the new panel make sure you use the right size screws to hold the trim
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