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Ooooooooooh baby she(39)s out-gctid372810

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  • Ooooooooooh baby she(39)s out-gctid372810

    ok our baby is in dry dock now.. took a bazillion pics of her pulling to the lift and up and then out.. they did an awesome job power spraying the hull and getting crap off.. the capt found a few issues he is gonna fix when it dries off now with our trim tabs... in process of sanding and cleaning off the barnical crap off areas... then tape and painting tomorrow for sure...:worth

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    I think my back was left under the Boat yesterday.. with all the sanding and cleaning off the rudders, my entire spine feels like jello mixed in with electrical shocks from my spinal stimulator... we found some issues from the old P.O.. man he had a PHD in Stupid. The little guy who power washed it for us,, did an awesome job.. My brother who is 6'3 was on his tushy sanding the boat once the power washing was done and it was set on blocks and racks.. he finished the entire thing, we all looked filthy after our 7hrs of working. We even had the little sherpa cleaning off the trim tabs.. Friday is a bow to stern rub-down with acetone to prep for painting to get the black dust off it.. the fiberglass dude is coming tomorrow to fix Mr P.O-PHD's issue we found... but all in all, she was in darn good shape for not being out and checked for 2yrs from the P.O.. needless to say, we better get 10 more nthego: Knots out of this baby:arr.. if you see a white streak in the ocean.. THATS

    Knarly pics we got from under hull..110% better now..:worth


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      show the pic's or it didn't happen!!!


      :arr arrrrrr


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        Agreed, show the pics!