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Salon Door Roller Replacement

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    Originally posted by Norton_Rider View Post
    Incidentally, another issue with the doors is that over time the rollers make circular indentations on the track in the closed position. This causes the door to be a hard to open. I was able to improve it a bit by lightly filing the track to make a smooth transition from the indentation to the rest of the track. Eventually I may need to use a track repair section or replace the track completely.

    Another alternative may be to cut an inch or so from the opening side of the track and slide the track over by a bit so the rollers rest in a section without indentations. On the 3788 the track appears to be longer than needed; so this may work.
    I wonder if this would be a good repair for the track? I'll probably give it a try and if I do I will report back on this thread.
    Tony Bacon,
    Washougal, WA
    1997 3788 Twin Cummins 250hp


      I just finished replacing the rollers and installing the
      door track repair cap on our 4388, I ended up having to drill out the adjusting setscrews and retapping it and installing new setscrews, the cap didn't just snap onto the damaged track, after the 5200 dried I had to do a bit of reshaping to the cap, it tends to twist and dent as you knock it on with the wood. I also drilled out the door ends so I can adjust the rollers after I installed the door....opens like a dream now..


        Likewise, thank you for all the amazing advice! Now that I know HOW to do the job, all I have to do is DO it!



          Found the replacement rollers in stainless steel $21 on amazon
          Brad & Michelle
          Bo, Jet & Maverick (we need a bigger boat!)
          1993 3688 "the Kraken"
          Hino W06 250HP
          14' Avon RIB, 50hp Tohatsu
          Moored at Shelter Bay
          LaConner, WA


            Just replaced the rollers on our 1999 4788 with compatible 1.5" units with bearings from Ace in Anacortes (if you're local). No issues, direct replacement, $4.50 each.

            I had to drill out the axle and couldn't re-flare it so I also picked up 1/4" OD alu hollow bushings (also at Ace)and beat them with a hammer to mushroom them out and hold them in place. Working great now!

            Thanks for this thread!
            Chris & Bethany
            Sleep Walk - 1999 4788 w/330 Cummins
            New to us in October 2017
            Moored in Anacortes, WA

            Sold: 1994 2855 Rosalita 7.4L B2 2013-2017


              I used the same ones for my 3988 and got them at Home Depot. EXCEPT, Home Depot US had them but would not ship to Canada. Home Depot Canada would not order them for me as they were not
              an item they stocked. So I bought them from Home Depot Georgia for free pickup at Pearland TX, Then my daughter picked them up and dropped them in the mail to me. it cost HD $20 to courier to Pearland TX
              and $4 to mail them to me. It appears the HD people need some Math tutoring.
              "Adios Dinero"
              1997 3988 with new 330 Cummins
              Photo Credit: Whiskywizard