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Raw water wash down install 38xx-gctid371534

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    Raw water wash down install 38xx-gctid371534

    Hey Guys, any suggestions for pump placement and outlet placement and raw water intake? I was thinking of teeing the gen set intake. Any help would be appreciated. curt

    I installed a sea water wash down pump on our 3818 last spring.

    It was a BIG job but well worth it.

    Here is how I did it:

    1. purchased the parts hoses for the system
    2. installed the pump vertically on the stringer in locker in galley floor
    3. for 12 volt DC, I connected to windlass circuit switch in lower helm
    4. for sea water, I Tee' d into the sea water feed for the master stateroom head. That way I did not need to put another thru hull in the boat & this installation was approved by our surveyor.
    5. ran the pressure hose from pump to foredeck up the starboard side of the boat through the galley cabinet into the fwd head and along the top of the cabinet above the port holes

    Here is link to the supplier of the deck mounted hose container. This works better if you DO NOT use the supplied nozzle but replace it with a simple old twist to close, brass nozzle. It is MUCH too difficult to try to put the trigger nozzle back into the storage tube as you are trying to get under-way and safely out of your anchorage.

    The washdown pump is a Johnson Pump Model: WD-3.5 01-13399. This pump is automatically activated by low water pressure as I did not want to pump my boat full of water and sink it if the wash down hose or a fitting leaked or burst. The way it is connected to the 12 volt DC circuit the windlass switch MUST be in the ON position to power the pump. That way, we can only flood the boat if we leave the windlass switch on and if the hose or a fitting breaks or leaks

    The system works like a champ. We love it & wonder how we ever did without it. Throwing a bucket on a line from the pulpit into the water & then retrieving it hand over hand was not anything that my 5' 0" wife could ever do.

    Ken Jennings 202 378 4868

    our TARDIS, lying Marathon Fl.; 1/2 way around America's Great Loop

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      The system I installed on my boat uses the HoseCoil HE15F flush mount enclosure.

      One of the design features is that the removable top cover doesn't float, so after entertaining the anchorage during that test, I now clip the top cover to my anchor safety clip each time it is removed.

      For mine I installed a dedicated through hull, seacock, strainer and pump. Mine is also wired to the windlass, to be powered whenever the windlass is enabled.

      This is very, very handy.

      My boat has a 200' all-chain rode, so this is the only way I can keep my chain locker clean.