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Replacing Refrigerator on 4518/1988-gctid370057

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  • Replacing Refrigerator on 4518/1988-gctid370057

    Hi: We are going to replace our refrigerator this year and I have tried to search for old posts in the hope of finding out how you get the existing one out. Will it come out the Salon door? Any help will be very appreciated. Dave & Pam "Call to the Bar", Ontario, Canada.

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    You will most likely need to remove the salon door to get it out. I removed our washer/dryer unit and found it necessary to remove the door. Once it was off there is a significant amount of room to remove just about anything.

    For mine, I removed the front panel to the lower track on the outside. Adjusted the front and back wheels all the way up and was able to lift and remove the door. Putting it back in was just the reverse. While it is off is a great time to clean and lube the wheels and track.
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