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  • Rub Rail-gctid369967

    Has anyone replaced or attempted to"polish" the steel rub rail around the boat. Mine has seen better days it is full of dents and scratches.. Any advise on this subject?

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    It's anodized aluminium and cannot be polished. Changing it our requires taking half of your boat apart. I've seen a few that have been painted and look ok, but not sure how long the paint would last.

    Mine's kinda' ugly too but I just live with it.


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      I removed the rub stbd side rub rail to perform some repairs, it actually wasn't all that difficult. I did not remove the bow or stern sections so I have no experience there. It took one man on the o/s with a screwdriver and me on the inside with a small box end wrench to hold the nut. The nuts were sometimes covered by carpet but I did find them and was successful removing and replacing them. Hope this helps.
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        Thanks Gents. I really appreciate the info.. I just polished and waxed and brought the old girl back to life and that ugly rail stands out like a sore thumb..