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    Lost starboard tachs-gctid369533

    Took our 3288 out for a short Easter Sunday cruise. Beautiful day.. flat water, no wind..

    Boat ran fine till two miles out from marina when both upper and lower tachs quit. Back at the marina I did some brief examinations but couldnt find a broken or unplugged wire.

    Does anyone know where the signal is generated to run the tachs? It should be from the engine to the main harness since its just the starboard side that quit.

    Gas or diesel?

    I'd check the main harness connector for corrosion first.


      150 hp diesels... port side tachs work fine, just the starboard tachs quit.


        Start with the sending units- swap out port for stbd and vice versa. If the starboard tachs work, you have your culprit....


          Which brings me back to the reason I started the thread.. where on the engine is the signal generated.... what sensor?


            Found this online:

            "Both Hino Engines (150 hP) have a Hino angle gear set driving a Bayliner adapter and rev sensor. Many times after 150 op hours either of the sensors show oil leaks, become erratic, then fail. After dissasembling the angle drive, the secondary shaft has a screw thread pumping section, to force oil. This appears to be pushing oil back towards the camshaft oil galleries. An oil seal (polymer o ring style) is mounted outboard of this but soes not contact anything. Downstream of this is the plastic drive shaft and Mecury style sensor which leaks.

            it is a dk3 faria tach sender kit i have lots in stock. thanks keith 1-800-621-2215"

            Be prepared if you call Keith- he has a belief that he is the only source of parts, and will bend you over accordingly.

            Other sources:






              new sensor fixed it... thanks