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    Fresh Water Leak-gctid369310

    I am leaking fresh water from the limber hole in the bilge under the sink in the galley. The Fresh Water pump is not running so I don't think it is coming from the fresh water pressure system. The only other fresh water sources are the deck fittings and fresh water fill all of which look good. The area under the sink is not visible and I am at a lost. Any ideas/thoughts?


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    turn the fresh water pump off for a few hours or more. See if the water stops. When you turn the pump back on, see if it takes longer than normal to pump up and stop.

    Another option is to turn the pump off, runn the pressure out of the system and see if the water stops coming out of the limber hole.

    After you have completely eliminated the fresh water system, you can do a systematic check of the deck fittings with a hose. Trouble is that is kinda like trying to find a leak in a roof, the damn water can travel for miles