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    4788 bunkroom/stateroom modification-gctid368271

    Thinking about reconfiguring the bunkroom and master stateroom.

    I've seen a number of people here talk about it on their 4788.

    Does anyone have a summary (or step-by-step instruction, pictures) on how to go about this refit?

    It looks fairly straightforward, but I'm sure there's little gotcha's along the way.

    Before I get started, I'd like to know what trouble I'm getting myself into.
    1999 4788

    Mine was done when I bought it. I had to make and replace base and trim that had voids after the jamb was removed from the wall of the head by the previous owner. The carpet runs under the jamb in the center so no problems there. There will be screw holes in the headliner. I just left mine. This really opens up the master stateroom. The bunks become a great place for extra storage but are still available for guests. This adds the large closet in bunk room to the master stateroom as well as the mirror. If guest privacy is necessary you could add a track and curtain. I think this was the best improvement to the 47 you can make.


      It's pretty straight forward. There's a post that both doors are hinged on. You remove the two doors, and remove the post. Put a nice little square of teak on the ceiling where it used to be. Moving the stateroom entrance door further aft

      really helps. Please save your doors and post, I can't believe how many people "lost" them after removing them. I've never seen anybody convert it back to a enclosed stateroom, but new buyers like the idea that they could-if they decide to. Really opens up the master, plus now you'll be able to open and close the two mirrored closet doors without going through "Rubic's cube" to do so.


        I keep hearing about this modification, and all I can think is why???

        Maybe my door setup is different... possibly a later year or something.

        On my 2001 4788 there is a single door between the bunk room and the master stateroom.

        There is a separate door to the bunk stateroom from the hallway.

        The door between the two staterooms is hinged on the left when looking from the master into the bunk stateroom.

        When the door is open all the way it blocks the bunk stateroom hallway door, and is 100% out of the way.

        Just leaving that door open creates one large stateroom. There doesn't seem to be anything you can remove to make the opening much larger either.

        Do others have a different door configuration?


        Whats the weather like on the boat

        Where am I right now?



          That's the same configuration we have.

          When you remove the post, the door from the stateroom to the bunkroom, and the door from the bunkroom to the hallway, it opens up that area much more. It may not seem like it without actually seeing one, but it does.
          1999 4788


            Pat see PM


              Our pilothouse AC unit sits atop the post in the master stateroom adjacent to the hatch access. With the post removed, how do you deal with supporting the AC unit?

              Thanks for any input. My husband & I have been talking about doing this renovation as our next project.

              Kim & Alois

              M/V Trillium

              1999 4788

              Ft. Pierce, FL


                Kim, welcome aboard. The A/C unit it not that heavy and mine is pushed more towards and under the port side dash. Relocation if necessary would not be that difficult. I have taken the unit out thru the centre roof hatch to replace the rusted drip tray. You will enjoy the larger master suite space though. Mine was done before I bought it, and a curtain separates the 2 areas if needed.

                John H
                Brisbane QLD Aust

                2000 - 4788/Cummins 370's


                  Thank you! I think if we relocate the unit more port side, there will be ample support.



                    I modified mine many years ago as we don't have small kids and adults don't like sleeping in the bunks. We store a lot of stuff in the attic (post removed) I don't think the weight of the AC would be a problem. I'm 150 pounds and crawl in there sometimes to access things that are pushed way to the port side or work on electronics. I don't notice any give in the floor structure. Our AC is under the master.

                    Most of the mods I've seen have the main door hung on the master head wall. I moved mine to the edge of the steeps and reversed. I fabricated a hinge system that allows the door to be attached to the center wall forward edge.. The door stows flat against the mirror doors when open freeing up the doorway. (180 degrees) The hinge is like a saloon door. I put a hold open latch at the top above the mirror door.

                    I just pulled the upper bunk structure and lower bunk mattress. I'm in the process of designing storage in this area. For the last 13 years that what the space has been used for but it's always a mess.

                    I intend to build structure that can be easily removed and returned to the bunks if the next owner wants it. I've kept all of the components for the three room system.