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Impeller replacement Cummins 370 hp s-gctid367895

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    Impeller replacement Cummins 370 hp s-gctid367895

    I am getting ready to replace the cooling impellers on my Cummins 370 hp diesels (1998 4788). I have the manual and have read the instructions. Does anyone have any special tricks that could help me make my task easier?

    Tim Wing
    The Betty Jean


    And even if you don't go with complete Seamax pumps, buy the Seamax impellers for the Sherwood pump. They are FAR better and a great price.

    Impellers from Seaboard Marine - Super 17 kits, $70 each or $130 pair. Includes o-rings, rubber plg, new SS key.

    I spray shaft and impeller tips with sheep squeezin's (FluidFilm) and wait 10 min. Bump engine. Pull impeller with 3/4-16 bolt (might be 16mm x1.5mm, can't remember and it's on the boat)


      Unless your a midget this is a tough job on the port engine. I actually removed the water pump to change impellers. How many hours on these pumps? If they have 700 hrs or so you might consider replacing them with Seamax. I had seals fail and destroy the bearings on my Sherwood pumps. these pumps are gear driven and if the bearings go you stand a good chance of taking out your timing gears. Removing the pumps will require you to remove the engine mount bracket under the pump. So you will need a jack to support the engine. if you are careful to not change the height of the supporting nut on the mount itself you will not need to realign the engines. I found it actually easier to remove the pumps to change impellers. The short molded hose connecting the pump will need to be checked as they develop separation on the hidden side.