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Bridge Clearance of 3988-gctid367076

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    Bridge Clearance of 3988-gctid367076

    May I ask 3988 owners, if they know how high above the water line the arch is. I have a trip planned, and we need to pass under a bridge. Yes, I know I can run down to the boat, but I am running out of time. Thanks in advance.


    It really depends on what you have mounted on your arch. I have my Raymarie Radar mounted on the short base which in total is I'm guessing 15 inches. I use a rule of thumb of 18FT clearence at a minium. Hope this helps.
    Green Eyed Lady
    Sandy Hook NJ


      There is a sign on my boat over the lower helm saying,

      16 feet to top of Radar
      "Adios Dinero"
      1997 3988 with new 330 Cummins
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        From the published specs: 14'10" / 4.52m

        Add radar etc and adjust a bit for load.
        1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'


          sorry I forgot to mention the bridge enclosure which on my boat is higher than the arch. I could probably get under 17ft but I'm not chancing it.
          Green Eyed Lady
          Sandy Hook NJ


            Guys, thanks very much for that. I am told the bridge clearance is 5 metres at high tide, and at low it should be around 7.5 metres. Thats from 16.5 to 24 .5 roughly, so we should have lots of room.

            For interest, here is a link to where we are goin for 3 or 4 days this weekend.


            Its about 4 hours away at 8 knots, and there are 12 boats going. We will meet in front of the bridge, and then spent the first night at Pacific Harbour Marina.


            and then next morning on the flood tide, move to Mission Point for a night or two on the hook.


            Hopefully I will remember to take the camera, and will take some photos.

            Cheers, and again thanks for the comments.


              Enjoy Peter, I'm envious. Is the new grandson making the trip?
              Jeff & Tara (And Hobie too)
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                Hey Jeffw, no the 7 day old "fella" will be staying home, so its just the bride and I going, with some 11 or so other boats. A few weeks ago, I got an email from some one who read my thread on my stuff up, trying to clean my aftercoolers. It turns out he has a 4788 just down the road from me. We met last Friday, I had a look at the boat, and instantly got 10 ft itis, and he is joining us on the trip over Easter. All through BOC. I have found it very interesting, the common love of boating, is a stong connection. He is the 3rd BOC person I have met here, and I am looking forward to having a US trip some day, to catch up with you and a few other very helpful BOC guys. You must maintain contact with the Gal whose video you sent me though .... Now that will get the chins wagging.

                Cheers mate