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  • Lots of interior mold/mildew-gctid366790

    I'm new to this here forum, and would like some advice. I'm a previous Bayliner owner (a 1988 1750 Bow-runner), and now have the chance to purchase a '94 3055 Avanti for $4999.00. We took a little drive over to have a look-see, and found that the interior has a LOT of mold. Owner says he hasn't been in the boat in about 5 years. The fiberglass is really dirty (a good pressure washing should take care of that!), but any suggestions about what we might want to do if we decide to buy this beast? Externally, the bottom needs new paint, the single outdrive could use a good cleaning, and topside the vinyl could all use a good scrubbing. The motor was recently installed by the owner in order to sell the boat, and only has 5 hours on it.

    My biggest concern is the interior though...if we aren't able to clear the mold and mildew, would this boat still be worth the asking price?

    Oh, and I am planning on having her surveyed before any money trades hands...

    Thanks for any suggestions or help.

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    IMHO, the mechanicals deserve the most scrutiny; a boat that has been sitting around for 5 years - water trial.

    The mold and mildew is an annoyance - if it is severe I would start with a garden sprayer and white vinegar which is known to kill 80% of the spores. Elbow grease will work wonders. Then a powerful dehumidifier.

    That is a bit of boat for 5k and the new motor is a big plus. Could be a good buy, or you could hate yourself.


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      The ad shows a 7.0 liter engine- if the engine was new, one might think that the owner would know more about the specifications.

      I'd be very wary- lots of boat for the $$, but potentially a lot of work.


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        I just got in a product called Moldoff. Hoping to try it this wek. Will keep you posted


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          we had mold in ours from the P.O.. I used the bathroom tub and tile cleaner for mold.. it works on fiberglass surrounds and is safe for boats.. its got a lil bleach in it.. and wipe clean.. we also put in our boat those Dry-ez closet hanging thingies in all the staterooms, and salon.. THEY work awsome.. when full just toss and buy a new one.. and when it got really rainy here we took a household dehumidifier and brought down and hooked up in the galley which is the center point of our 3888.. sucked it all out and its dry now.. make sure your seals in the port windows is good, or the moisture mold cleaning will be fruitless and never ending... GOOD LUCK..FISH ON:worth


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            Home depot sells a product in three green bottles that kills mold, removes the stain, and prevents it from coming back.

            After you clean it, go purchase a de-humidifier and run the drain to the sink. It is the best thing i have done to remove the MUSTY boat odor, and remove mildew, and mold. I don't even run heaters in the winter anymore, just the de-humidifier.