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    Large motoryacht owners... What is your plan???-gctid556609

    Everybody has a reason for buying a large motoryacht. For some its to have the room to take more people. For some its to have the comforts of a second home.

    What is your reason, and what's next?

    Are you planning on making cruising a lifestyle when you retire?

    Are you going to downsize your boat when he kiddies move out?

    Are you planning to live aboard?

    Or are you content to weekends out, and really haven't thought about it much?

    A large motoryacht gives you allot of options. It is more than a boat, its a second home.

    What are your plans for your large Bayliner?


    For the next year we are on the Great Loop (

    When we get back in May 2015, we will go back to weekend cruising. Once we get to the point that we can't handle her, most likely will sell and get something smaller (30') range.

    Not going to go larger, we need to find 50' slips when we are out and about, so we are up to $150 / $200 a night for slip fees. We will need to get get something smaller to be able to pull the next generation crop of kids around on a tube.
    Yep, my 4588 Bayliner IS my happy place :whistle:


      I am all ready doing it. Live aboard the entire (short) season, all at anchor. We have all the comforts of home and no need or desire for anything larger than our 38xx.

      And it starts soon if the ice goes away. I can't wait.

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      3870 presently owned
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        The 3288 is plenty big for my wife and I to go away for six to ten weeks at a time in the summer. Anything over 36 feet presents problems when looking for docking on Lake Ontario, Thousand Islands and the canals. Many Marina's and clubs have limited spots for larger boats which is why I didn't buy the 40 I was looking at. I can anchor but prefer a dock and power to run the A/C in hot weather.

        When this one becomes too much work I will go to a 28 to 30 foot sunbridge type that can easily be trailered for winter storage.


          I hope to do a lot of anchoring - using it as a base camp for teaching the kids about boating

          beach exploring in the san juan islands. and it shoud serve as a floating condo in several

          harbor towns of interest.
          Novurania 335DL. 30HP. WKRP in cincinnati. Previously: Bayliner 3818 in PNW.


            Our boat is the counterpoint to our condo. It's like having two getaways. When it's nice, we go to the boat, when it isn't we tend to be home.

            We barbeque on the boat, but our condo is close to everything. We have more beds on the boat, so when we have company, we stay there.

            When the grandkids start coming, we will be on the boat a lot more with them.

            If our number comes up for a bigger slip, there is a 4788 style boat with my name on it out there somewhere.
            Tally and Vicki
            "Wickus" Meridian 341
            MMSI 338014939


              Presently, we are live a boards, but looking for a land base retirement home that most likely will not be close enough for us to live in while I am still working. Once we retire, then we will move back on land. But the plan includes our 4588. Doing cruising and using it as a get away place.

              We love our 45 and will be hanging onto it as long as we can.
              Patrick and Patti
              4588 Pilothouse 1991
              12ft Endeavor RIB 2013
              M/V "Paloma"
              MMSI # 338142921


                Our boat is an orphan 7 months of the year watching out for itself during the winter. We jsut arrived back in Wa for the summer months. We will spend a little over half the summer on our boat. We arrived back a week ago and so far I have spent three days getting the boat ready for the summer. Most of which is to move our summer stuff aboard and getting it put away. Managed to start up the engines and gen set and they appear good to go so far. At latest we will spend about a week aboard over the Memorial Day weekend. We may make a two day shake down cruise before then. Following that 3 or more shake down cruises, After that a trip starting after 4th of July til Labor day mostly in the coast of BC, Ca as we have done most years. Then the boat gets serviced and put away for the winter starting the day after Labor day. Boat stays in the water year around. This fall we will have to haul the boat for bottom paint also.
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                  We bought our 4788 as a long term cruising boat for the two of us. That is still the plan.

                  We are going to use the boat in Alaska this summer, and possibly next summer but our boats time in Alaska is limited.

                  In terms of years retirement is just around the corner and we (both of us) are planning on using the boat as a "snowbird" destination. Just the opposite of mmichellich.

                  We love our lakefront life in Alaska and we love the summers here. We need a place to go for up to six months out of the year, and since we have a second home in our 4788 it makes perfect sense to use it for that.

                  Our thought is to position the boat in a nice warmer location and use it as a base camp for exploring. We're thinking about destinations along the California and Mexican coast with the idea of being in one place for a few weeks then when the weathers perfect, and we're bored, moving on.

                  We've discussed bringing the boat back to Alaska for the summers but honestly it takes away from our time at the lake, so we're thinking about just berthing it for the summer, and returning in the fall.

                  KEVIN SANDERS
                  4788 LISAS WAY - SEWARD ALASKA


                    We moved up to our 4788 to have a comfortable boat to cruise to different yacht clubs while I am going through the chairs. We are planning to phase in our retirement by running our business as usual but taking off every Friday for long-weekend cruises. We have adequate staff at the office to take care of our clients while we are out.

                    In a few more years we plan to spend the cold months in Hawaii and spend the cruising season from April to September in the Puget Sound on our yacht. No desire to get a bigger boat, since it can be hard to find a slip for something over 50 feet.


                      What a great question for reflection.

                      Our retirement dream for many years has been to have a large, live aboard, comfortable boat to cruise and live on for the better weather months in the Pacific NW; May - September. Then spend our winters; Oct - April in the warmer climate of Arizona, California, Florida by renting or possibly buying an RV.

                      We bought our 2001 4788 March 2013. I have been retired and my wife retired last August. So, reality of the dream comes into view. The distraction has been getting our home ready for sale so we can live our dream. Meanwhile, we don't get out on the boat near enough.

                      Once the house is sold our plan is to live on the boat for this summer and put the boat into dry dock from Nov - May of 2015 as we have travel plans for the winter. After that we will probably have a condo close to Anacortes, WA where will will keep the boat in the water in the spring - fall and in dry dock in the winter. As I get older it seems I am more sensitive and irritated by the cold and rain of the PNW. It is so glorious in the summer but I long for the warmth in the winter months somewhere else.

                      I would love to have the boat in warmer waters of Mexico but don't anticipate ever making that trip. Maybe renting a boat there would be a better option.

                      If and when it gets to the point that the 4788 is too much to handle I am sure we will still be in boating with a 24-30' Bayliner until we die.

                      With the 4788 actually having an over all length of 54' we are considering doing the re-vap of the bow pulpit to make the boat 50'. This will make it easier to get moorage as we travel and at more locations and for less cost.
                      Jerome Robbins
                      Vice Commodore, Fidalgo Yacht Club
                      Anacortes, WA

                      2001 Bayliner 4788
                      Twin 370 Cummins

                      Previously owned:1994 Bayliner Ciera 2855 454 V8-7.4L
                      1994 Bayliner Classic 2252 V6-5.2L


                        I doubt my 38 meets the definition of a large MY but I'll share my thoughts anyway. I purchased my boat about 18 mos ago in Anacortes, Wa. and spent last summer cruising the San Juan's and Gulf Islands. It was great fun and pretty darn nice boating.......BUT....the Admiral and I associate boating with warmth, sunshine and water temps that permit an occasional snorkel or swim. The boat's in Portland now but later this summer I plan to get her home to Los Angeles and into a slip that's a car ride vs a jet ride from my house. Our youngest daughter goes away to college this August thus we'll be empty nesters with time to play.

                        I know many folks discount the boating here in So. Cal. as compared to the PNW and they all have excellent arguments. However, I plan to actually use my boat year round, and can! No ice, not to much rain, plenty of nice sunny days and relatively warm water! There are many nice harbors all along the California coast and even the Sacramento Delta is navigable. So that's my plan, to cruise the California coast and all of her offshore islands. In between, you'll find me at the slip projecting on the Fire Escape during those horrendous January days where the OAT might drop to 72*!
                        Jim Gandee
                        1989 3888
                        Hino 175's
                        Fire Escape


                          I had a desire to own a trailerable cruiser and explore many different waters, but things change.

                          About two years ago, I had a house fire, lost everything except my bike and a few tools.

                          Last year I moved to Vancouver Island.

                          I found it easier (and cheaper) to buy a boat (big enough to live on), then to find an apartment to rent.

                          I had been researching and knew I wanted a 4788.

                          So here I am living the dream in paradise.

                          My future plan is to spend some time getting familiar and comfortable with the boat, navigation and this lifestyle, then...

                          During the fall, cruise down the west coast to Panama, winter in the Caribbean.

                          The next spring, cruise up the east coast, summer in Ontario.

                          The next fall, cruise back to the Caribbean for another winter.

                          The next spring, cruise back up to the PNW to stay.


                            Well, we just sold our 3988 at the Victoria Boat Show ( pending survey etc) So now on the look for the next boat. 4788 is high on the list and when we get the next boat, it will be to do extended ttrips and basically live aboard.

                            Planning on renting out the house and giving it a try. If things change we still have our house to fall back to.

                            Onwards and upwards!

                            Cheers. Gary

                            Ps the show was pretty good for the brokers , apparantly lots of boats sold. Our sale was a walk-on type, not pre arranged
                            Afterglow 4788
                            Gary Weiss
                            Sidney BC


                              "weiss" post=556824 wrote:
                              Well, we just sold our 3988 at the Victoria Boat Show ( pending survey etc) So now on the look for the next boat. 4788 is high on the list and when we get the next boat, it will be to do extended ttrips and basically live aboard.

                              Planning on renting out the house and giving it a try. If things change we still have our house to fall back to.

                              Onwards and upwards!

                              Cheers. Gary

                              Ps the show was pretty good for the brokers , apparantly lots of boats sold. Our sale was a walk-on type, not pre arranged
                              Congrats on the sale

                              I know Larry well and I stopped by to chat with him on Sat and had a tour of Bodacious. It's a really nice boat!

                              Good luck with your search - I can think of a couple from the boat show that would probably suit you LOL
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