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Hydralic hoses for my H50 helm-gctid366310

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    Hydralic hoses for my H50 helm-gctid366310

    Hey all started changing out the leaking seals in the back of my H50 at the upper helm. I had ordered the 5/16OD fitings from Southern Charm. When I started removing the hoses I found my hoses are 3/8OD. Does anyone else have fittings with 3/8 hose? Did Teleflex make 3/8 fittings or has mine been changed by some previous owner?
    '89 3870 M/Y
    Located on Galveston Bay
    Prior boat '85 300SB Sea Ray
    Lost in Hurricane IKE

    Yes, it's very possible. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that at some point the "old" hynautic systems (and fittings) had been upgraded and improved. They got rid of the 5/16" 4 part fitting.

    I would recommend getting some calipers and check the line and fittings. Not that you can't tell the difference - but the PO might have swapped out some parts of the system and not others? Easy enough to confirm. If you bought the wrong fittings I'm sure someone will buy them. BTW, often times it's just those little pesky o-rings causing the leaks. If the system gets dry or it's taken apart too many times, you get leaks.