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Hino W06 Turbo issues, Help, IHI rebuild Cores and new turbo(39)s-gctid365054

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    Hino W06 Turbo issues, Help, IHI rebuild Cores and new turbo(39)s-gctid365054

    Earl and I worked on my 4788 this Fall to remove and replace the Risers. It was decided to rebuild the turbo's. Earl recommended a rebuilder in Ca, I decided to use a local IHI dealer that came highly recommended.

    For those that don't know Trubo's, the impellor rides on a floating bearing that has an inner surface that touches the impellor and an outer surface that touched the turbo housing. I was told that the ware on the housing was excessive and it could be machined and an over sized bearing used. Now we have a new issue where the retaining piston rings will not seat properly is the surface is machined.

    I think I am screwed. Looks like I need to head in the direction of getting new Turbo's or finding good cores.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or advice? I am supposed to be out of my Winter Marina by April 15th. I guess I am going to have to paddle the 4788 to the Chesapeake bay.


    I would call Jim at Apex 805-650-1000. He took care of a turbo the folks in Renton said was no good and he got a spindle from Japan and it works like a charm.


      I had ADP of Kent, Wa rebuild two of my 310 Hino IHI turbos after Earl found the seals starting to leak-$800 each roughly to rebuilt. One is still working, but the other one failed badly after about 15 months. When removed, the inside was really bad with several blades broken off. Took it back to ADP and they said it could not be rebuilt and recommend scrapping it as the parts inside were no longer availiable. Took it down the street to Alamo. The said they thought it could be welded up including the blades. I left it with them in Sept and just before Christmas they called and said they had bad news and good news. They said the blades were too badly damaged to be rebuilt, The guy at their home base in Canada, just west of Vancouver, BC working on it recognized the internal parts and found identical parts but with different part numbers from another turbo. Alamo completely rebuilt the unit with all new internal parts at about 25% the cost of a new one (I know I had to buy a new one for the summer). Alamo told me the problem with the rebuild by ADP was that they installed the wrong bearings in it. Before you panic, I would call Alamo.
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        I just had Earl complete some work on or 4788 Hino 310 that included rebuilding a turbo. My issue was the turbo was leaking antifreeze and required a new turbo housing. Earl found 6 ? From Japan. Bottom line it cost me approx $2400.00 to rebuild versus $5500.00+ for a new one.

        Call Earl....