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    Headed Home / Our 4550-gctid364743

    After spending a year in Shreveport / Bossier City Louisiana area, we are headed home. About 600 miles are behind us and the boat is currently in the Orange Beach , LA at Barber Marina. I am very pleased with the performance of the boat especially headed downstream on the Red River and the Atchafalayla, over 320 miles on 139 gallons of diesel. I struck a deal at the Red River South Marina at the start of this journey, our home for the last year, purchased 330 gallons of fuel at $2.00 per gallon!!!!!!!!!! If anyone is passing through or looking for a new home for their boat, Barber Marina on the Gulf Intracoastal in Alabama is the place, all new and looking for business.

    I am taking care of a few loose ends and will continue the journey, about 900 or so miles, to our home in Green Cove Springs, FL. in a few days. I should start with my new employer in my home town of Jacksonville, FL, in a few days after our arrival. Life is good, sometimes things do work out the way you hope.


    I was wondering if you were back in florida yet.

    The gulf is not too bad this week, just those SE winds.

    Have a safe trip!



      and congrats on the pleasant trip


        You have had your ups and downs Rod. I am glad things are finally going your way and you still have your boat.

        Started boating 1955
        Number of boats owned 32
        3870 presently owned
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          Yay Rod! I'm so happy things have worked out so well for you--that your boat is still yours with a new job in the wings. Safe travels.