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1982 38 Bayliner???-gctid364674

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  • 1982 38 Bayliner???-gctid364674

    Just saw an add for this. I thought the first year was 1984. Located in Everett. I wonder if this was a prototype.Basically the same boat but a different side window, no bar, no bolster in the master stateroom etc. Has the Mitts

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/667709=25788-1882 38 Bayliner.jpg[/img]You can check it out here. Looks to be in pretty great

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    Look just like mine which is an 83 model. I think a few were produced before the design stabilized.


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      i think the 1st ones were 1983 models,,have to remember we are dealing with a boat broker's listing here,,i saw the 1st boat coming out of the summer dealer meeting at rosario in august of 82,,they had the engine room vents close together,,a narrower transom door , a narrower engine room door and the greyhound windows,,the 1st boat also had a mast on the front deck like an early 34 mainship...the road test i have from boating magazine profiles this boat as an 83,,retail was $99,000 and 135 hp volvo engines were an option...
      84-38,,86-38,,89-45,,97-47,,99-47,,01-47,,05-540 meridian,, 04-411 meridian and 11 others,, all gone ,,now 04 -490 ,,sidney,,vancouver island.


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        I have seen that boat for sale on literally every available channel. So it retailed for 100k in 1983 and they still want 50k? That is a 30 year old boat.