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    I have a Navico auto pilot in my 3218, and has worked great for 14 years. Have a simple on/off left/right and gain control at the lower helm, and a H8000 hand held programer at the upper. At the end of last season, when using the hand held, I would go from standby to auto but the unit would kick back out to standby. Sometimes immediatly, sometimes longer. When using the lower controller, the unit works fine. I am wondering if one of the fine wires in the coil cord has broken. The hand held looks to be permantly sealed although I haven't fooled around with it much yet. Of course they don't make this pilot any more, but wondered if (a) any one has any ideas on this, or (b) has any one out there replaced this pilot with a new one and has a hand held programer like mine lying around looking for a new home. Looked on E bay, no luck. Again, thats a H8000 hand held Navico programer. Thanks for any help, Jeff.

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    send me a pic of the unit .............i may have one ..........i had taken my whole old navico system out due to a electronic failure in the brain part not able to repair it ....... i left the hydraulic pump under the upper helm intack and hooked up a wireless controler on a key type fob to now steer my boat by remote going up or down river ........... i like to sit up at the bow and enjoy the day with a diet coke and a lime in it ................. email a pic [email protected] ........and i will see if it is the same
    NEIL S