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    Fuel Management question-gctid362729

    We have a question for everyone here..

    We have twin 210 Hino's.. we are looking for a NEMA 2000 standard......

    also what has everyone used, we need feedback pls. We wanna closely monitor consumption. Pls bare with me I am writing this for the Capt :arr.. he cant post or stay on the net long where he is without getting kicked out, so I am the middle person in this.. I hope I got it right.. lol

    Currently, I believe FloScan is the only game available for NMEA 2000 interfaces for diesel engines:

    I think Maretron may have some interfaces,but they are for Yanmar and other modern electronic diesel engines.


      I was wrong- here's a new Maretron product for diesel fuel flow:

      Maretron’s high accuracy fuel flow monitor and meters for commercial and recreational boats (with true temperature compensation and reverse pulsation detection).

      it is NMEA 2000 compatible! Looks like you'll need 2 per engine (1 feed, 1 return)


        A slight clarification in what you would need.

        1 of the FFM100 per engine (gas or diesel).

        2 of the Fuel fluid flow sensors for each diesel engine.
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          great looking catalogue that maretron has - very interesting equipment and fabulous boat pictures