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Hurth 360a replacement trannie ?-gctid362483

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    Hurth 360a replacement trannie ?-gctid362483

    I need more parts for one of my trannies. Looks like the nation is finally running dry of certain clutch plates and gears. All the favorite sources are near out.

    Is there a trannie that is an easy change out ?

    Thanks all

    If you have a 32xx with 135 Hinos the answer is yes 630 Hurth's will bolt up. The engines have to be raised slightly. This can be accomplished by adjusting the height with the motor mounts. Your shafts will be 1" short. This can be made up with "shaft savers". The big down side is that you will lose performance It takes about 15 hp. more to operate these transmission


      I have 110hp Hino. Will 630 work ?



        It will work same issues however. You probably will not notice the performance as much as with the 135's


          When I installed the hurth 630a i also in stalled longer shift cables and to help with the performance loss I in stalled new wheels.....*

          Michigan DQX prop has a 21 degree skew blade. We pitch them at the following*

          Michigan DQX Nibral Left Prop 17.0 Dia. Pitch 14.29

          Michigan DQX Nibral Right Prop 17.0 Dia. Pitch 13.88

          I was trying to regain some of the performance . We cruise at 14 to 15 knots about 2600 to 2700
          1987 3270MY, 135 Hino engines

          2015 Element ( Lime Green) Limited Edition 75 HP Mercury.

          Roger, Lake Saint Clair, Michigan
          Fair Winds & Following Seas


            Thanks for the reminder I had to replace 1 of my shift cables and re-routed the other one


              Before you replace it did you try these guys for parts?

              Did you call Mike at Harbor Marine 425-259-3285 Everett Wa.
              1987 3218 (sold)
              135 HINO
              2016 Past Commodore, Swinomish Yacht Club. La Conner Washington