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Metal handle off of midships cabin window.-gctid362097

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  • Metal handle off of midships cabin window.-gctid362097

    The metal handle has come loose due to a hard moving glass section.

    I have cleaned and lubed the track and it is now working ok.

    However, I now need to put the handle back on the glass. The apparent best adhesive I have found on the internet is Loctite Impruv 349 which is designed to glue metal to glass. Pricey at $32 + !!!!

    The problem in addition to cost is that it states it needs a UV light source to kick off the curing process.

    I am wondering if sunlight will do it, or do I need to find a UV light source?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
    1988 3870 Bayliner

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    You might want to try Gorilla glue.

    i have had good success with it on metal to glass.


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      How about the glue for gluing your rear view mirror to the windshield? Most auto parts stores has it. It might be better suited for plastic than metal, but worth checking.


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        I have already tried the gorilla glue. It stayed on for awhile. I will check the glue for mirrors today.

        Any one with a solution to kicking the curing of the Loctite 349 product ?

        Thanks for input.
        1988 3870 Bayliner