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    Last summer I was frustrated by the poor cell phone/computer signal that I was getting up north. I had already purchased a Wilson marine antenna (301130) and that helped considerably, but a BOC member (mmitchel?) suggested that I also get the 801201 amplifier. I was going to order it today but I noticed that a number of these amplifiers are not 4g compatible. Currently I'm using a 3g Sierra wireless air card. Is there any advantage to switching to a 4g card? If I get the 3g amp will it become outdated quickly?

    Thanks for all of your help.


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    I have 801201 coupled with a 301130 antenna and my Samsung Galaxy 4G gives full bars in remote areas that don't work without the booster. Maybe it switches to 3G if that's all that's available, but it works fine on Telus. Later...if you believe, the current 4G generation of phones is not really full 4G but an enhanced 3G (LTE for example) which might explain why mine works so well on this booster.
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      Thanks Uncle Bob! That's the info I needed. I'll order the amp today.

      Don't know how I'd function without all of you helpful folks.



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        Don were did you mount the antenna ?


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          It is a fibreglass antenna a few feet long mounted on top of the arch for max height. It could have easily been mounted behind the instruments and helm of the command bridge for out of sight aestetics.
          1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'