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Inner workings of 45xx radar arch-gctid361561

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    Inner workings of 45xx radar arch-gctid361561

    Today was the day that we said goodbye to our old radar arch on the 45. Heavy, bad design, tired, and not doing so well. We are ordering an aluminum pipe arch...stronger, better design, lighter, more modern.

    I opted to take it down in pieces. Used a sawzall to chop off the middle section and then take off the side legs before unbolting from the side of the flybridge. I found a lot of rot at the attachment points to the flybridge which consisted of 4 bolts on each side. Also, a lot of rot around the perimeter of the entire structure. Interestingly, the core of the entire structure seemed very solid and no noted water intrusion into the balsa core. Not bad I guess for a 25 year old boat but not great either.

    The inner trim had been previously replaced with 1/4" starboard. I took all that down and pulled all the wiring out of the arch before removing the arch itself. Extracting the radar dome was also a pain- set in a lot of 4200 caulk or something but finally got it off.

    Attached are some pictures. More to follow once we get the new arch up in a month or so. Lots more projects to come as well as we refit our 4550.

    Picture #1: underside of radar mount area.

    Picture #2: Radar arch with inner trim removed.

    Picture #3: Arch with trim removed.

    Picture #4: Picture of cross section of exterior, balsa core, thin glass interior, channel for running wiring. Ignore the greyed out teak of the cockpit below in the picture...refinishing 100% of the teak is on our "to do" list.

    Picture #5: New home of the old the dumpster and cut up in pieces!

    Attached files [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/664541=25494-Arch 1.jpg[/img] [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/664541=25495-Arch 2.jpg[/img] [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/664541=25496-Arch 3.jpg[/img] [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/664541=25497-Arch 4.jpg[/img] [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/664541=25498-Arch 5.jpg[/img]
    ~~1987 Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse & 17' Boston Whaler Dauntless~~

    And a picture of our boat without an arch, taken from our friend's 48 MY, complete with our daughter fishing on the swim platform. :arr

    Attached files [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/664545=25499-Arch 6.jpg[/img]
    ~~1987 Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse & 17' Boston Whaler Dauntless~~


      She is going to look awesome when you get her done. Mine is in pretty good condition at least as far as I know. If it weren't or I find that it isn't I may go the same route that you are.

      Keep us posted. Very interested in the design that you chose.

      I need to run some new wire up inside of mine. Do you know if the smoked glass panels on the inside of the uprights come off?
      Patrick and Patti
      4588 Pilothouse 1991
      12ft Endeavor RIB 2013
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        WoW, the old arch had see it's days!

        Cant wait to see the new alum arch!!! its going to look so modern compared to the old one!


          The new arch is going to look GREAT!

          It'll be a whole new boat!


          Whats the weather like on the boat

          Where am I right now?



            Are you going for an arch that leans forward like the 4788's? That looks sharp.

            Did you find yourself a local shop, or are you "paying the freight"?

            Next job, you might want to "poke about" the Bow Pulpit bolts too. Also pull up the carpet in very right rear of salon. Hopefully all is good, but it's not unusual for it to look like the arch as bolts"work" and caulking dries up. People with wood boats unserstand the limited lifespan of caukling, where many Fiberglass boat owners don't ever give it a thought. Can't wait to see the new Arch. How nice to have a Boathouse truss!



              The arch we are going to get can be mounted either leaning aft or forward...will play with it on the boat to see which looks best....may do it facing forward but may also tie the new bimini into it in which case if we have it face aft I will have more shade up top. I suspect though we will install it facing forward. I think for it to face forward though it will need to correspond with the angle of the windows below so we will see which way I end up doing it.

              It will be a few weeks but I will report back with the results once we are done.
              ~~1987 Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse & 17' Boston Whaler Dauntless~~


                What is the difference in weight gain?



                  I think you mean what is the difference it weight LOSS!

                  I didn't weigh the old arch and I took it out in pieces but I would guess it weighed a total of 250 lbs? Maybe more? It is a heavy thing for sure. The new arch will be around 100 lbs. so not only lighter but also stronger.
                  ~~1987 Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse & 17' Boston Whaler Dauntless~~


                    That is a considerble amount of weight. I am anxious to see your pictures when the project is done.