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38XX EH700 Kashiyama water pump failure-gctid511471

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    38XX EH700 Kashiyama water pump failure-gctid511471

    One my starboard EH 700 the water pump's impeller failed last week.

    Sadly the impeller blades jammed the pump. This caused the pulley to spin on the shaft. The shaft and pulley are now out of round and the key itself is chewed up as is the key way in the pulley and the shaft.

    I have until next spring to fix all of this. I will need :


    [li]new shaft[/li]

    [li]new pulley[/li]

    [li]new key[/li]


    If I am not able to source some replacement parts; over the winter I plan to take the damaged parts to a machinist to have them restored / rebuilt. Before I do this does anyone have any idea if I can still purchase any of those parts from anyone anywhere.

    Ken Toronto

    417 570-4957

    Email Earl, most likely he will have an answer for you.
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      My starboard pump packed it in last summer as well.

      I got the replacement pump from

      They also have the shafts, bearings, etc......I will use their parts to rebuild my old pump

      Great people and lots of Hino parts inventory
      1986 - 3870
      175 Hinos
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        I can supply a rebuild kit for these pumps with new water seals, lip seal, impeller, and bearings. These can be fitted with no machining or adaption of the pump body and allows you to keep your original pump. I understand the major problem with these pumps is the water seal is now obsolete rendering the whole pump obsolete if it is leaking from the shaft seal. You can contact me at for more details. You can get your engineer to install the kit or you can easily do it yourself if you do your own maintenance. The kit and installation is a fraction of the cost of trying to adapt an aftermarket pump to fit the engine or doing expensive machining to adapt another type of water seal. I have found the easiest way is make the paper gasket.