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    3870 upper helm pedestal-gctid361022

    We have a 85 3870 and the upper helm seat pedestal is real low. I'm looking at getting a adjustable pedestal. My question the pedestal base screwed or bolted to the flybridge. Also does anyone know the diameter of the base and the post. I wanted to check out options without going to the boat and measuring things. OR does anyone have a adjustable pedestal for sale ??


    Thanks for any help. Mike

    The bas is screwed, otherwise you would see the bolts/nuts in the salon, be sure to seal the new screws well.

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      Comfort is the best answer, had a friend with "the runs" for three days-from bad clams he thought. Next morning heard some unusual noises from his bridge as I woke up. He was replacing his upper helm seat and pedestal with a Porta Potty. Never know what spares are needed on your boat.
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        Yes, the upper helm chair is actually bolted. There is a base plate underneath and above the lining in the main salon. I am not sure what the diameter is but if you measure the current bolts you should get it from there. You can buy helm chairs that are adjustable back and forward as well as height.

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          The other thing you can do is make an extension.

          Get a pipe the same diameter as existing post. Get another piece of pipe that fits inside the existing post. Figure out how much higher you want the chair. Usually 4'"to 6" works. I used a bunch of phone books on my seat until I had the correct amount I needed to go up. War and Peace works good too!!

          Once you have the outside pipe length figured, cut it to length. Get the inside pipe welded to the outside pipe at the top. Make the inside pipe about 4" longer than the outside pipe. Basically just fuse the two together at the flush end. That takes about 5 minutes.

          Drill and tap out the existing pipe that is bolted to the floor a few inches down. I used a 3/8-16 tap.

          Slide your new Extendo-Matic 4" inside pipe into the existing post and tighten up the bolt against the inside pipe

          Slide your old seat back on and Presto.

          No new post. No removing the old one. No headliner removal and hardly and cash involved.

          I've done this on all of my boats. Boat seat are always too low. If your tall enough to see with the stock seat, your too tall to fit into the cabin. Those two departments should get together at the beginning I recon!!


            please do not fool around with the base unless it is already lose - you risk a problem with the whole floor becoming water logged and soft


              The pedestal is not screwed to the bridge sole; it is bolted. The SS machine screws are put in from the top. The "nuts" are actually drilled and tapped holes in a circular plate that is up behind the headliner. You can remove the pedestal without touching the headliner - just use some caution when you reinstall to be sure you seal the holes well with adhesive sealant.


                Thanks to all of you for your input, I'm liking the cutting and welding idea...Thanks Johnny V. great idea. Will keep you posted on progress.