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    Mystery Hinged Panel-gctid359834

    I am going to try my best to describe the panel since I do not have a picture so bear with me.

    I have a 3587 without the interior helm station. My head is on the starboard side and I have a 3rd cabin to port. The port cabin has two doors. One from the forward cabin and one from the hallway at the base of the steps. On the door from the forward cabin to the port cabin there is a wooden hinged panel on the outboard side that is about 6-8 inches wide and goes from the cabin top to about 10 inches off of the deck. There is a heavy latch between the panel and a solid panel that is from deck up to 10 inches that keeps the panel in place. The door hinges are on the inboard side and the door swings into the port cabin. The panel when unhinged also swings into the port cabin.

    It all looks factory. Can anyone give me some insight?


    It is factory- I have the same arrangement on my 4087. I believe the doors and swing panel are to make the forward cabins more of a suite when the 3rd cabin isn't being used.

    Also, PM sent.....


      This is one of those occasions where a picture speaks a thousand words.....................

      The only 'hidden' compartment that I know of in the 3587/4087 mid cabin is the storage area behind the mid cabin headboard. We had owned our 4087 for almost a year before I realized that we had some useful and dry storage avalable in that area by just pulling from the bottom of the hinged headboard.
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        One should not give up secret stash areas.....