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Considering purchase of a 3988 liveaboard here in Norway

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    Considering purchase of a 3988 liveaboard here in Norway

    Hi. First post. I'm considering this boat as a liveaboard , replacing my 40t sailboat.

    Et meget flott eksemplar av Bayliner 3988, båten ble total renovert i 2022.  Alt av innredning er skiftet, oppgradert fra 4 til 7 sengeplasser. Gulv varme i alle rom 2022 Nytt toalett 2022 samt alt av septikslanger skiftet 2022 Ny bereder på 100 ltr 2022 Smart TV ny 2022 Micro ny 2022 Vinsjsytem for RIB 2022 Ny generator 2022 kun gått 20 Timer. Det meste av 12V er skiftet. All belysning er skif...

    I'll be taking a look this weekend.

    Inside is fully restored. One bathroom is removed and now it sleeps 7.

    Anything special I should look at? Any advice or thoughts is appreciated.

    That is beautiful boat from what I can see... I would recommend getting an oil analysis done on the engines... or have a complete engine survey done... They are expensive to rebuild and terrible to get out of the boat.
    Brad Peterson
    1996 Bayliner 3988
    Cummins 6BTA 315hp's
    Duluth, MN


      Very nice looking boat! If there is a link to the English language translation of the webpage that would be helpful.

      The first things I would inspect very carefully are the extensive modifications - for quality of work and any compromises made. Not only the cabin and head modifications but also the heater where the icemaker is usually installed. Look for use of marine hardware and ability to access enclosed areas.

      There aren't any engine room or lazarette pictures but these need careful inspection. The Cummins engines are solid but must be maintained, especially the aftercoolers. Be sure to ask about the last aftercooler maintenance date or hours. If the boat is equipped with the Westerbeke generator, inspect it carefully and see it operate. It needs to run for 15 or 20 minutes to check for overheating. On my 3988 the generator has been the largest single source of problems.

      During the sea trial be sure the main engines achieve the rated maximum rpm, or slightly higher, at full throttle. If full rpm isn't achieved and the boat has been run hard this is sign of potential engine problems from too much load due to "underpropping". If you aren't doing a sea trial yet, just ask the owner about how they run the boat and what max RPM they achieve. If preheat is working properly the main engines should start easily with only minimal smoke when cold. There should be no smoke once they are warmed. is a wonderful source of information about Cummins engines.

      Open every hatch and door and spend time looking around. The water heater and fresh water pump are located behind the panel at the foot of guest cabin.

      Remove the panels that contain the AC and DC electrical breakers and take a look at the wiring behind these. You are looking for clean and solid connections as well as proper and safe marine quality modifications and additions.

      Inspect the transom carefully where the davit is mounted for any signs of water intrusion around the hardware.

      Inspect the flybridge floor for any soft spots.

      Lift the mirror at the head of main berth to inspect the anchor chain locker.

      Lift the main berth mattress and wood panels for inspection of the hull area near the bow.

      Good luck and let us know what you find!

      MV Dreams - 1999 3988
      330 Cummins
      Wrangell, AK


        Originally posted by Renilyab View Post
        Very nice looking boat! If there is a link to the English language translation of the webpage that would be helpful.
        Via Google translate:

        A very nice example of Bayliner 3988, the boat was completely renovated in 2022.

        All furnishings have been changed, upgraded from 4 to 7 beds.

        Underfloor heating in all rooms 2022

        New toilet 2022 and all septic hoses replaced 2022

        New 100 liter boiler 2022

        Smart TV new 2022

        Micro new 2022

        Winch system for RIB 2022

        New generator 2022 only 20 Hours.

        Most of the 12V has been replaced.

        All lighting has been changed to LED

        New start batt 2023

        This is truly a floating cabin.

        Bow thrusters/Stern thrusters with remote control
        Paguro Generator 3SY 1 year old
        Winch system for lifting the RIB
        Smart TV
        Washing machine
        Gas Oven (for heat)
        Gas stove
        Underfloor heating in all rooms
        Anchor windlass bow
        Eber water heater 5.5 kv outlet in all rooms
        Refrigerator drawers 2 pcs
        Landstrøm 220
        Hot water heater 80 L new 2021​
        1984 2150 Ciera "C-ya"
        AQ225D w/ 280
        MMSI 338355691
        St. Joseph, Michigan


          Absolutely amazing craftsmanship and what a great way to re-think a classic design.

          For living aboard I would take a long hard look at the head and waste system and the shower sump, both might need an upgrade for continuous usage
          1998 Bayliner 2858
          7.4L MPI / Bravo III
          Harbour Village Marina - Kenmore WA