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Thirty six years ago...

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    Thirty six years ago...

    That's when I first decided to live aboard a boat.
    I hired a USCG captain to help me bring my new-to-me 1988 Bayliner 3818 up the Intracostal Waterway from California MD to Jersey City.

    On our way... So beautiful, flights of small ducks to see us off at 7;30. Went from 30 degrees everything covered in frost to around 60. Full sun except for an hour long spell of overcast.
    Wahoo! The Chesapeake has pelicans!!!I associate them with Florida, we don't have them in New England. The water was like glass, seeing them, somehow it feels like more of an adventure. Saw a few freighters and a ship stacked high with containers too, .not too many pleasure boats out, a few families in small boats trolling. Much of the time had the Cheasapeake to ourselves. Pretty amazing.

    Short running day. Checking the (newly purchased) gas generator before getting under way, I learned the difference between a "RV 30 amp plug", and a 30 amp locking plug. So I wanted to make a cable stub and test the set-up before it got too late to go to a marina for the night
    It is not a permanent solution, as it is not corrosion resistant. Over the winter I hope to build up a solar system to replace the block of rust in the engine room.

    The weather has turned for today. Still warmish but low overcast and raining. Visibility not bad, a couple of miles at least.​

    One note that I'm sure surprises no-one... Wow, is this boat loud! The water slapping against the chines is - impressive to say the least. Pretty impressive range of motion, too, for last night's water conditions. I don't think my 18' outrage moved as much.
    Somehow I thought it would be less. Ah well, I dropped my college physics major a very long time ago.😂​
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    I love it!!!

    Several years ago now i decided to do the exact same thing!
    Failing marriage, a head full of dreams, and a boat in the harbor to escape to.

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    Whats the weather like on the boat

    Where am I right now?


      You are going to find that these boats “sail” pretty well, but not with guidance. You’ll get accustomed to the water noises and wake when they are unusual. You’re probably going to be surprised at how loud that gas generator is when everything else is quiet. I was surprised when I could easily hear a 1000watt Honda a half mile away. I used it a lot less after that. Pictures? Where are da pictures?!?
      P/C Pete
      Edmonds Yacht Club (Commodore 1993)
      1988 3818 "GLAUBEN”
      Hino EH700 175 Onan MDKD Genset
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        Renogy has now 200AH Lithium batteries for the same price as a 100AH was 2 years ago. Prices are dropping rapidly. They also have a 50A DC-DC charger with MPPT solar input, 4 different battery type profiles. It replaces ACR's and chargers, making for a clean and simple system. If engine is running alternator power goes to the start battery, when full all power goes to house battery. When engine is not running all solar power goes to house, start battery is kept topped off.
        I am happy with my single 100 Ah Li battery and SLA start battery with 200W panels and small monitor at the helm. Very small system, but can be made quite large
        1989 2159 Trophy Hardtop
        5.8L OMC Cobra
        2 1/2 year restoration project after "all you need to do is put the rebuilt engine back in".
        Mountlake Terrace, WA